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Jan 12, 2022

What has got 2 Per-Specht-ives Podcast host Joshua Specht “almost ready to swear”? It has to do with him and co-host David Specht talking about getting people to commit.

Have you committed to the goal you set last week? Why or why not? Let the father and son duo dive into how a commitment is merely a decision that above all else, you’re going to stay the course.

Your generational lesson: Commitment doesn’t mean having everything figured out, it’s knowing you can’t stay where you are now, so you decide to take the next step.

“Commitment” is a promise, a sequence of choices to act on something for yourself, or someone else, and not stray from it.

How do people hype up their promise one day and then lose motivation almost the next?

Failure happens because a new commitment seems easily attainable. The problem is when that commitment requires you to continue the process.

If you want to commit, you have to build yourself up, it doesn’t mean doing it right away.

Car salespeople are taught to not let the customer leave the lot, and seize upon their impulse to commit. But, if that car gets repossessed then it’s a failure of the salesperson because he/she shouldn’t have sold you the car knowing you don’t have the finances for it.

When helping someone commit, realize it’s about them. You have to meet them where they are and mitigate as many negatives as possible…but having the right mindset is essential.

Helping someone navigate commitment means letting them know that life change is not easy, you are going to be with that person every step of the way, but not letting them commit until he/she is ready.

Communicate your commitment and goal to the important people in your life so they can hold you accountable. And, you have to be okay with being called on your failings and failure to follow through. 

But know that when you take a stand based on a commitment, you will lose certain people in your life. And, that is okay, but if they can’t support you then they get limited access to you and your life.